Talk About Amazing!

Talk about amazing! Sue is not only an amazing person in general but her expertise in the area and market as well as endless information far exceeded our expectations during our search. It is because of her passion for her job and her clients’ needs and her patience when working thru unforeseeable instances that make her more than a realtor, but a friend. She really takes in consideration what you want and don’t want in a home. We had a VA loan and our credit wasn’t perfect – and we were ill advised by the first mortgage broker we went thru on our own which put our whole dream on hold.. but Sue never gave up!! Always looking at the bigger picture and reminding us that IT WILL HAPPEN! after a year of searching…. she did it.. she found our home! Not only was this a house we had browsed online prior, but we actually decided since my husband is so tall that we wouldn’t do a “cape” Sue set up the appointment to see the home.. we missed it, but she knew us so well that she brought us back after lunch to see it, she knew when she walked in.. what we would like and not like about the home and she was spot on! Oh and the “cape” style.. no problem! It was a custom cape and there aren’t any height issues! She will be the first person we call if we ever decide to move! Sue is the best you will find!!

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